Polyflor, Auckland

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Polyflor is a company in New Zealand and it is main flooring manufacturer. We always accept the challenge to constantly surprise our customers with new and innovative designs that are great flooring solution for both, residential and commercial areas.

Company description
Looking for a reliable flooring company in New Zealand? Then look no further than Polyflor. Our company is New Zealand's main flooring manufacturer, that constantly surprises customers with innovative designs that make perfect solution for both residential and commercial areas. Polyflor was established in the late 1963, and since then we constantly strive to improve our technology and techniques, in order to produce floors that are of top quality. Polyflor is famous after its wide range of flooring solutions like homogeneous vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, acoustic and other types of floors that are quite popular these days. If you are concerned about our mother earth, then be one of us and use our Eco-friendly products to help save the planet. Be sure that we only offer high quality floors that are durable, long lasting, waterproofed, and stylish. Make your home a warm place to stay in, with Polyflor vinyl floor that gives the impression of real wood for quite an affordable price.
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