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Strategy On A page
Business Development And Planning What does this picture have in common with business, what does it have in common with a GREAT sporting side like the mighty All Blacks, Real Madrid for soccer, or the Chicago Bulls in the NBA world? The commonality is they, like all of us, have to head down that foggy road (the future) with some uncertainty about what lays ahead. But GREAT sporting teams and GREAT businesses have a solid, formal strategy in place that has been exhaustively worked through so they are able to deliver when and where it counts most, even though the road may be foggy. How is your business strategy? If it only lies in your head, you don’t have one! If you would like to double your chances of creating a successful business, for your hard work to pay off, you need a business strategy, on paper. The quick acid check you should be applying to your strategy, assuming that you have one: does your business strategy add value to your customers – do they actually want what you have? does your business strategy effectively differentiate you from your competitors?

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