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CRASHING COLOSSOS Skyscraper Edition

GAME PLAY: Game builder starts. Using only one hand remove a block from anywhere except the top layer and place it on top of the Colossus. The top layer must be complete before building another. All layers are placed at right angles to the layer below it. If a block is moved only part way out before getting stuck the player is allowed to move on to a new block. The person whose turn makes the Colossus crash is the loser. INSTRUCTIONS: Laminated MADE IN: New Zealand PLAYERS: 1 – 6
START HEIGHT : 100cm BUILD HEIGHT : 200+cm (The biggest available in NZ) LEVELS : 22 BLOCKS : 66 of them, made from the highest grade (clears) Pinus Radiata, grown right here in the ‘Land of the long white cloud’. SOLID BUILD : Like the normal sized Jenga! (This game does not space the blocks apart like other giant Jenga or giant tower versions to give the impression of size) reusable (if looked after) double layer cardboard box. SETUP: Find a flat and firm area to start building from or the Colossus will not reach its full height potential. Build the Colossus in 3 block wide layers, each new layer at a right angle to the layer below it. Stack all 22 layers (66 blocks) n a tidy fashion. Children should start with only 16 layers.

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