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Webhead update


Hello Webheaders! 
(Yes that what i'm not going to refer to you all as) 

Sorry its been so long since the last blog post! We have been seriously under the pump with all our work, new clients, business restructuring and all sorts! 

Over the last month, I have been busy with logo designs mostly! A few websites here and there, as well as some photography and video editing thrown in the mix.
So every day is a bit different for me at the moment! Which is fine, I like to mix thinks up a bit! 

Last week we did our staff photos! FINALLY! 
Rebekah and Brians's images are ready to be uploaded, just waiting on them to finish up their profile sections.
Matt and myself have still yet to get our images sorted, finding the time for us has been rather difficult, gotta make sure we are looking our best. haha. 

Rebekah is focused on our in-house workflows and processes so that we can streamline the way we handle our clients and future clients! 

Brian is busy building apps, he has hit the ground running since he started about a month ago, with 3 (or was it 4) apps currently in development! 
We are even thinking about releasing our own WEBHEAD game! (shhhh totally top secret right now) 

What else is new... hmmm...
OH! Webhead is now sponsoring a small Youtube show called NERDSTACHE. 
Matt and I are completely into pop culture and all that related stuff, so it made sense for us to start putting some money into it. (Especially since i'm a co-creator of the show). 
I'll go into this a bit more in a different blog post. 

Christmas is coming! and we are doing a give away on our facebook page, so if you haven't entered yet make sure you do! Some lovely goodies in there! Wish I could win it to be honest... 

Well that's all I have time for, hopefully you guys are having a wicked week!
Catch you next time!


Our latest work TCOB


Good morning everyone!

Just a little blog post today, to announce our latest launched website

Run by the amazing team of Megan, Karl & Georjia, they have a very vast knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting! 

We literally wouldn't have gotten our feet off the ground if it wasn't for their help! 

As their website says
"We are here to assist with all those jobs in business you hate doing…..okay, maybe not all of them but anything to do with accounts or administration."

For their website, we went for a clean, professional layout using mostly white and blue colors to match their logo (that we also designed).
We also set up a morning to go in and take photos! It was fun to say the least! (Megan just LOVES photos) 

They are located in The Lakes, Tauranga at 200 Lakes Blvd.
If you need help with your bookkeeping make sure you step in to see them! 

Notification Fatigue


As you are probably all aware by now, I am terrible at making time to write Blog Posts. Luckily for our clients that's something Rob is in charge of haha.

I recently had some time off to recharge the batteries and came to the realisation that I am constantly being bombarded with notifications, I didn't realise how bad it was until I tried to not have any notifications come through to my phone to have a break from them.

So today I thought I would talk a bit about Notification Fatigue. You may or may not have heard this phrase before, but I think its something we all face.

Notification Fatigue is when you are receiving too many emails, notifications, pop up messages, txts etc. pretty much anything trying to vie for your attention and you just want it to stop or you get to the point where you need a break from your phone.

Part of the reason why this is a problem now more than ever, is that we have our phones on us at all times. We're expected to be available for phone calls or to reply to texts or facebook messages within a short time frame. Failure to do so, can be seen as you are ignoring someone or that you have a problem with them.

Recently its become painfully obvious that companies are desperate to exploit this to get as much of your time as possible, I'm looking at you Facebook. As much as Social Media can be great for keeping in contact with people or connecting with new people, I really do hate that they have notifications you can't control. For example: Facebook, just because I am an admin of a page, it does not mean I want to boost every post that starts to do well. I know you need to make money but the amount of notifications are becoming ridiculous.

For a business it's hard to find a balance between posting too much and not posting enough. If you post too often then people will turn off notifications or unfollow you or worse begin to dislike your company because of the frequency of content that they feel is being pushed down their throat. To combat this I think the trick is to post relevant content to your audience and limit the number of posts that are irrelevant.

For anyone dealing with this influx of notification spam, I have some good news, there are ways to combat this even if there is no way to unsubscribe or limit notifications in the app or website itself.

For Android users you can turn off notifications completely for an individual app, I have done this on the odd occasion for my phones email app. For Outlook or Email Client users, you can set up rules to move emails into folders, mark as read or delete as they come in. Another option is to set up a secondary email address specifically for sites that you need to sign up for to access their content, or for sites that send a lot of notification spam.

How do you deal with Notification Fatigue or Notification Spam?