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Fire alarm system is designed to alert occupants and notify the fire department.

There are three types of fire alarm systems. They are analogue addressable fire alarm system, conventional fire alarm system and wireless fire alarm systems.

With an addressable fire alarm system, each smoke or heat sensor and manual call point is coded with a unique address. The control panel is able to communicate with any of the addressable devices by using the address number to define which device it wishes to communicate with. When a detector or manual call point is triggered, the panel will indicate the specific device address that has been activated.

Addressable fire alarm systems are wired on loops rather than radial circuits which allow for audio visual warning devices such as sounders and beacons to be connected onto the same circuits as detectors and call points, which reduces installation costs. Most addressable systems now provide combined detectors, sounders and beacons in a single unit.

Addressable fire alarm system is always used at large, open places for high security fire alarm and fire surveillance.

A conventional fire alarm system requires a building to be divided into a number of areas called zones. The detectors and manual call points within each zone are wired on dedicated circuits. When a detector or manual call point is triggered, the panel identifies which circuit contains the triggered device and which zone the fire alarm has come from. It is then necessary to manually search the indicated zone to find the exact cause of the fire alarm.

A conventional fire alarm system needs separate alarm circuits to signal a fire to the building users.

When designing a conventional system it is important to ensure that the panel has enough zone capacity for the size and complexity of the building and that the panel can support the intended sounder circuit wiring and loading.

Wireless fire systems use an array of sensors, antennas and alarms that most commonly receive and send low power radio signals to one another in much the same way cellphones communicate with Wi-Fi networks. Wireless security systems are well applied at remodeling and retrofitting of college dorms, hotels, commercial offices — prefer to not drill through concrete, rip out drywall.

Building Fire alarm signal warning system

There is high capacity wireless alarm panel which can equip with maximum 1000 detectors and manual call points. The wireless transmission distance can reach to 1-3km and with long range wireless alarm repeater available for longer distance. Wireless smoke detector, heat detectors are easy to be installed at each room and register address code to the alarm panel.

The alarm panel will identify each triggered detector by zone No. and alarm information which can be editted. The alarm information, alarm time, alarm zone can be printed. Wireless alarm panel is connected to PC with RS232 and with electronic map for monitored security area.



The advanced technology available today in security systems is truly amazing. Perimeter intrusion protection, motion detection, vibration sensors are some of the components built into burglar alarm systems.

Theft and burglar alarm systems are not only conspicuous deterrents, but can also trigger audio and / or silent alarms that communicate directly to Ademco central monitoring station.

The Solar-powered active wireless infrared detector is a new generation of perimeter intrusion detector, which is developed with nature solar photovoltaic cell technology and widely-applied FM & AM radio signal transmission technology. It adopts new technology FSK modulation, LiFePO4li-ion battery. These new technology largely increased the accurate and reliability of alarm system.

Video surveillance alarm is another update of security alarm systems. It is integration of alarm system with CCTV. This security system enables home or business monitored via desktop or mobile through internet. It can verify alarm activity and get burglary evidence.

Perimeter Security Protection


Addressed fire security projects


Addressed fire alarm systems are applied for security projects of community area, exhibition hall, airport, civil building. Analogue addressable fire alarm panel can protect life and property in large building from fire. The fire alarm control panel(FACP) has model of single loop, 2 loops, 4 loops and 6 loops and can equip maximum 1944 detectors. FACP can identify each detector by unique address. It can assign system response action such as shut off gas, activate damper. Compare with conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system is more intelligent and automatic.

fire alarm

Fire Security Project–Home Smoke Alarms


A smoke alarm is critical for the early detection of a fire in your home and could mean the difference between life and death. Fires can occur in a variety of ways and in any room of your home. But no matter where or how, having a smoke alarm is the first key step towards your family’s safety.

Why are Smoke Alarms Important?
Every year in the United States, about 3,000 people lose their lives in residential fires. In a fire, smoke and deadly gases tend to spread farther and faster than heat. That’s one reason why most fire victims die from inhalation of smoke and toxic gases, not as a result of burns. A majority of fatal fires happen when families are asleep because occupants are unaware of the fire until there is not adequate time to escape. A smoke alarm stands guard around the clock and, when it first senses smoke, it sounds a shrill alarm. This often allows a family the precious but limited time it takes to escape.
About two-thirds of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are considered to be one of the best and least expensive means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire and could reduce the risk of dying from a fire in your home by almost half.

Smoke alarm

Where Should Smoke Alarms be Installed?
Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of the home, outside sleeping areas, and inside bedrooms.
A smoke alarm should be installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When installing a smoke alarm, many factors influence where you will place it, including how many are to be installed. Consider placing alarms along your escape path to assist in egress in limited visibility conditions. In general you should place alarms in the center of a ceiling or, if you place them on a wall, they should be 6 to 12 inches below the ceiling.

*Install a working smoke alarm on every level of the home, outside sleeping areas, and inside bedrooms.
*Replace smoke alarm batteries at least annually, such as when resetting clocks in the fall or spring.
*Test all smoke alarms in your house once a month.
*Do not place a smoke alarm too close to a kitchen appliance or fireplace, as this may result in nuisance alarms.
*Avoid locating alarms near bathrooms, heating appliances, windows, or ceiling fans.
*Replace smoke alarms that are more than 10 years old. Smoke alarms don’t last forever.
*Develop and practice a fire escape plan, because working smoke alarms and a fire escape plan will increase your protection in case of a fire.

Install wireless door magnetic alarm sensor for rolling door


There is specific door magnetic alarm sensor for rolling door of garage and shops. When the rolling door is opened at arm status, the wireless door magnetic contact switch will contact with burglar alarm system, active siren strobe and send alarm information to registered alarm phones, security service center.
There are two parts of the rolling door magnetic alarm sensor. One part is magnet. Another part is the reed switch connected with emitter by steel pipe.

Garage door wireless alarm system

The magnet part must be fixed on the ground beam of the rolling door. To ensure that the magnetic force of the magnet is not masked, please leave a gap between ground beam and magnet head and end.
The reed switch must be fixed just below the fixed magnet. It can be fixed on ground or in ground below the fixed magnet. The distance between the magnet and the reed switch must be less than 2cm when the rolling door is closed. Refer to fig.

The wireless emitter must be fixed in the host communication distance. And it can not be fixed on the metal material. The steel pipe can be extended to meet the distance requirement.

Door open warning

As a conclusion, we would like to make a note for you.
1. Please leave a gap between magnet and ground beam of rolling door.
2. Please make sure the reed switch is fixed just below the magnet and the distance between each other is less than 2cm when rolling door is closed.
3. Please do not fix the wireless emitter on metal material.

Install wireless burglar alarm system

Solar-powered wireless infrared grating


Questions for Solar-powered wireless infrared grating
1.Are your devices functional in low temperature (-2 to 15 degrees) in winter time, (17 to 35 degrees) during summer time?
Our detector supported working temperature range :-30C~70C. Can work at extreme snow weather condition such as Russian, USA.
2.Are these solar alarms compatible with ademco alarm systems?
We total have 9 sets of alarm host:
Ademco available:HB-BJQ560-A; HB-BJQ560-B; HB-2020C;HB-3030C;HB-G250. Ademco unavailable: HB-MFR;HB-2020A;HB-3030A;HB-G10
3.I need to know how to match the beams with each type of system and how they work?
Firstly: turn on the sensors
Secondly: set the alarm host into coding status
Thirdly: trigger the sensor, so the alarm host can remember the sensor
4.What is the mechanism your system uses in order to detect stealing of sensors or jammer the signal in order to tamper the system?
Firstly, the working principle of our sensors is Active infrared detecting, so if any terminal is moved or damaged, sensors will report to host at once. Same time,host will indicate abnormity (e.g. alarming ,invalid , light interference).
Secondly ,the wireless transmission technology we made is FSK + FHSS technology,it has strong ability to anti-interference.( e.g. once sensor was Triggered), it will send 3 signals to host (3 different frequency points),and host can receive these signals independently. This anti-interference technology makes our products more competitive in same line.
5.Do they check status with the sensors , like a test signal? How often?
Our solar sensors will self-check every 2 minutes, if any problem (e.g. low-battery¿invalid¿ light interference etc.) ,Sensors will immediately report to host.

Perimeter Private place intrusion alert products
6.Do your sensors have anti-masking features?
The sensors adopt FSK + FHSS technology,it has strong ability to anti-interference. i.e. once sensor was triggered, it will send 3 signals to host(3 different frequency points),and host can receive these signals independently. This anti-interference technology makes our products more competitive in same line.
7.But I’m wondering if the sensibility could be adjusted?
Most of our sensors’ sensitivity can be adjusted by customers. Kindly attention that unusual sensitivity will result in false alarm, such as free falling object.
8.The IR beams works at 433 MHz?, Could work with other alarms also at 433MHz, or only with your alarm host?
The sensors adopt 433MHz (FSK+FHSS technology) once sensor was triggered, it will send 3 signals to host (3 different frequency points),and host can receive these signals independently. This anti-interference technology makes our products more competitive in same line.
Moreover, the code modulation of our detectors is private protocol, so the detectors are hardly directly match up with third-party 433Mhz alarm host.But we have two ways to contact with third party host.
Firstly ,we have switch outputs adapter to convert wireless signal to wired signal to third-party host(on condition that third-party host has wired zones)
Secondly, Send detailed technical parameters of your host to us,we’ll adjust our sensors and pair with your host ,but that will reduce wireless distance and anti-interference function.
9.What happens if a bee, or a bird passes through the IR-fence?Bee or bird flying cant trigger the sensor?
Bee or Bird flying will not trigger the sensors
Firstly, if obstacle freely falls and pass through defense area, sensors will not alarm.
Secondly, if 3 infrared holes can’t completely blocked by material, sensors will not alarm.
So, compared with other sensors,our products more effective in reducing false alarm.
10.Works in the light for UK climate?
Firstly, Our solar panel is made of amorphous material. It can convert light to electric even in cloudy or rainy days,without any direct sunshine. While at rainy days ,the solar panel can generate 2mA current to the battery .
Secondly, the static power of our sensors is only 1% of traditional wired sensor(static power:0.5mA). the sensors have high-capacity LFP battery inside,can keep the sensors working much more than 15 days without charging.
11.Also please confirm if the wireless link is one way or duplex?
Our wireless link is one way, that is to say sensors transmit wireless signal to host , but host cant send signal to control the sensors. While our sensors will self-check every 2 minutes, if any problem (e.g. low-battery¿invalid¿light interference etc.) ,Sensors will immediately report to host.

Wireless compare with Wired Alarm System


Wireless Alarm System means Detectors /Sensors will send alarm signal to control panel via radio. It is much convenient to install without wiring. But the open communication channel also caused problems of easy interference, high rate of fault etc.

Moreover, the alarm signal of address and data code are easy to be detected and decoded. Even wireless remote is more easy to be copied and set disarm illegally. Manufacturers were aware of this problem, and updated data encoding technology suchh as scroll code, encryption etc.

Meanwhile, manufacturers developed more convenient installation of keypad zones or bus zones and expand module for the alarm system.


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