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WEMS BACnet – Wireless that Works via System Integration with Long-range Wireless & HVAC Applications


WEMS BACnet provides an integration system where it supports challenging projects with its long range wireless extension. WEMS BACnet® Gateway has been designed, developed and tested with contemporary platforms from the world's leading BMS manufacturers, such as Trend, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Tridium, Carel, Innotech & more. WEMS’ wireless technology is designed to be used across whole sites. This technology opens doors for new project opportunities for contractors and integrators – it permits faster installation never before possible or installing sensors in difficult to reach areas.

WEMS’ protocol allows the modules and sensors to talk to the Gateway – the Gateway acts as the middleware between the BMS platform and the WEMS wireless modules and sensors. Whatever information that’s communicated is translated by the Gateway and get communicated back to one’s BMS. The native hardware here is I/O that’s produced by WEMS.

What’s completely unique about the system is its feature that allows the combining of BACnet IP with WEMS Modular or integrated wireless I/O devices – the form may seem hybrid and futuristic but it’s in the now. Its network is robust and is a cost worthy solution for any BMS applications. When WEMS’ wireless sensors and I/O combine with BACnet IP compatible BMS system and installation is much faster. The WEMS produced wireless room sensors ensure a safe and comfortable system operation by providing indoor and outdoor environmental data. It makes for a cables skein free environment where sensors can be mounted in any given environment lickety-split.

Reasons to use WEMS’ wireless are three. First off, it’s able to reduce risks because the I/O is much less invasive and installation can be done as business goes on, so disruption is minimal. It can install more sites which means, more projects can be completed than before. Lastly, it’s the extension of robust communication.  

It’s important to note that wireless isn’t an add-on but a necessity quickly taking over how things are done for almost everyone and everything so WEMS is a very good solution that benefits individuals and businesses.

Sauter – a Building Management and Room Automation Solutions Providing Company with Expertise Spanning over a Century


With over 1600 employees in Switzerland, Sauter produces control products, valving and actuators for the Heating, Ventilation and air condition (HVAC) sector. The company is one of the most successful in the HVAC field and Sauter owes the success completely to their unfaltering drive in designing, manufacturing, and servicing of its products. Sauter has more than 100 years of experience in the HVAC sector and their products are unsurprisingly the most complete on the global market and are complemented by professional, tailor-made services. 

Sauter Group is globally active and their headquarters is in Basel, Switzerland with a production site in Freiburg i. Br. (Germany). The company has been churning out supreme quality products, unparalleled expertise, and solutions for building management and room automation throughout the building lifecycle for over 100 years. Sauter has come a long way, having seen a burgeoning, organic and exponential growth in recent years. Today, the company employs 2400 employees around the world. With a turnover of approximately € 400 million, Sauter has emerged as one of the leading providers in the field of building automation. Their business best practices have taken them this far in acquiring business excellence. 

Characterised by the world-famous and internationally renowned Swiss quality, Sauter extends the stellar quality to its products, services, projects, services, and facility management. Sauter is all about efficiency, excellent business practices, and the right approaches in making the business survive and thrive – they have been around for more than 100 years and they definitely didn’t make it to this stage without relevant, constantly updated and bonafide ways of doing business. 

The flat and flexible organization values upheld allow Sauter to promptly respond to new and ever-growing not to mention ever-evolving market needs. With subsidiaries spanning Europe, 100 years of seasoned expertise, Swiss quality, and global clout, Sauter is set to be a HVAC juggernaut.

Packo Ice Banks – Increasing Milk Quality & Dairy Farm Efficiency in New Zealand


Packo Ice Banks is a division of Eurotec and works in conjunction with Dairy Cooling Solutions. With premium milk cooling solutions meeting the MPI milk cooling regulations, Packo Ice Banks are helping New Zealand farmers improve efficiency on the farm and milk quality. Packo Ice Banks is also known as Packo Ice Builder and has plenty of experience in cooling liquids for the dairy and food industry.  

Packo cooling tanks work by creating an ice reserve with which it can make a large amount of ice water at zero degrees. Made from thick stainless steel plates, Panko Ice Banks’ cooling tanks are made to last for a lifetime. And, quality isn’t compromised by the company at any level. As Eurotec’s division, Packo Ice Banks supports New Zealand’s dairy industry greatly and has pioneered sustainable cooling solutions. 

Aside from being constructed by AISI 304 stainless steel plates that are durable and have a long usage life, PIB’s milk cooling tanks’ insulation is provided by environmental friendly PU-foam. The foam is injected between the interior and exterior housing and provides excellent insulation. With a thickness of 50 mm, the foam ensures a completely vapour-tight construction and this prevents thermal losses and improves low energy consumption. A powerful pump accompanies the standard PIB that transfers the ice water through the heat exchanger fitted in the DIB tank. Rapid cooling that is just right so the milk doesn’t freeze, freshness is guaranteed – the cooling capacity is 8 to 372 kWh.

With maximum rapid cooling without freeze risk, PIB solution has helped the dairy industry produce high quality milk that’s safe, fresh and hygienic. The large and instant cooling capacity truly PIB as well as energy efficiency is certainly a boon for New Zealand’s dairy industry.

ORBIS – Designing and Manufacturing the Most Advanced Electrical Equipment for over 60 years


ORBIS was founded more than 60 years ago and the electronic company designs, manufactures and markets electrical control, metering and regulation equipment, which complies with international safety, quality and environmental protection standards. As a pioneer of the industry, they produce their electrical equipments under the slogan "We program energy.” With more than 50 years of experience as a European manufacturer, with four production centers and a global presence in over 50 countries, ORBIS is a seasoned industry player.

ORBIS’ “intelligent energy” is an evolving manufacturing principle and their clients and collaborators are in grasp as ORBIS initiates change in the usage of resources. ORBIS had spent 6 decades to design and produce cutting edge electrical equipment dedicated to efficiency and sustainability. Their brand is solid as they’ve been fortifying it. Today, they are supplying electrical equipment in the EU from their 4 production centers.

With high levels of commitment and qualification, ORBIS has seen an organic growth in business and win a loyal customer base. Investments, research and development of new products and systems, the creation of employment and ultimately the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of their customers around the world are the ultimate results and achievements for ORBIS.

Customer satisfaction is ORBIS’ priority along with Quality and Safety when designing and manufacturing electrical equipment. The company knows that without their clientele they won’t be where they are today and they always strive to meet their valued customers’ requirements.

ORBIS operates by the motto “intelligent energy” and it’s applied in every of product design and manufacture. It has a lot to do with everything ORBIS stands for. Basically, the work ethics of ORBIS are characterised by new intelligent, responsible and efficient energy ecosystem, based on digital technology and data management.

Optris – the Germany Company that is a Leader in Infrared Measurement Devices for Non-contact Temperature Measurement Innovation


For more than 15 years, Optris has led non-contact temperature infrared measurement devices manufacturing in Germany. The devices are used infrared cameras, stationary industrial IR thermometers and handheld thermometers for the area and point measurement. Optris is the undisputed leader in infrared measurement devices for different industrial applications as well as research & development. Optris’ measurement devices combined with their free thermal analysis software enable constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process. The company is cost-effective and has ways to reduce production costs.

Optris covers a varied range of different applications for their customers as a seasoned industry player and their team of highly experienced experts and innovation dominated thought process support the endeavour of Optris’. 

As a company, Optris has its product range classified into groups. They are the compact series consisting of small, compact infrared thermometers for the ideal use in cramped and hot environments. The high precision series consists of infrared thermometers with high optical performance and double lasers for spot size adjustment while the infrared cameras comprise of compact thermal imagers for fast online applications including line scanner functions. Last come the portable thermometers that are high-quality portable devices with integrated USB interface.

Ninety per cent of the production and sales are done at Optris’ Berlin headquarters – this is to ascertain that quality is intact via close working range and departments syncing where any irregularities can be detected and rectified speedily. 

Optris’ direct sales network is made from experienced and skilled engineers. Optris’ customers receive nothing but excellence of service and competent guidance. With a large distributor base that’s global, Optris is gaining mileage in manufacturing high-quality infrared thermometers and thermal imagers with contemporary prices, in order to provide the best/modern infrared technology to as many customers as possible.

Olivewood Technology – Energy Efficient LED Lighting for Chilled and Frozen Environment Manufacturer known as Chil-LED


Olivewood Technology UK produces Cold Storage LED Lighting – this coolest light for cold places is aptly called Chil-LED. The light is Olivewood Technology’s flagship product. Chil-LED is a unique and energy efficient LED lighting solution for use in temperature controlled environments to be more precise and it’s developed to fulfill that exact purpose by Olivewood Technology.

Olivewood Technology develops products, services and software that improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption or improve workflow. Chil-LED though is entirely unique. It’s constructed to achieve significant benefits from reduced installation costs, lower energy consumption and improved reliability – even when compared with other Industrial LED lights. 

Ideal for applications like chilled and frozen storage, temperature controlled production areas, food production factories and packing areas, high care food preparation areas, pharmaceutical production and storage areas, clean rooms and clean zones, Chil-LED cuts across conventional lighting solutions and specialises in the cooling sector. Chil-LED is useful for any cold storing environments like cold stores, frozen warehouses, food preparation areas and other temperature-controlled areas. These use envelope insulation and with such an industry specific inner structure, it requires the right lighting that Chil-LED can provide.

Chil-LED and Olivewood Technology has redefined chilled sector lighting and has been giving reliable, efficient, high quality light to all cooling sectors and needs. Olivewood’s selection of interchangeable lenses can be used to tailor beam angles as required – such is the technology Chil-LED is built on. Chil-LED™ also uses a unique heat pipe system to channel heat generated by its high-power LEDs out through the ceiling of the cold store before it even enters the cold area. This prevents heat from entering the cold store, saving energy and money.

Chil-LED is easy to install and is suited for every cooling area – Olivewood Technology’s cool lighting solutions is a literal cool innovation, shedding light on controlled frigid temperatures.

MAC3 – Where Water Meets Technology, Leading in Hydraulics Technology


MAC3 was founded in 1982 and the company is one of the key players in hydraulics technology, manufacturing of high quality level control equipment. MAC3 manufacture 5 main float switches that allow the production of 1350 different variants at present. The company also manufactures a complete advanced range of Variable Speed Drives that are specifically designed for the control of pumps, pressure controls and irrigation control systems. MAC3 is an Italian company that has operations on a global scale.

In an encapsulation, MAC3 develops supreme quality electronic and electromechanical products specifically for hydraulics. The company is globally known to provide innovative and simple solutions for the plumber's work. MAC3, as a company places itself as partners and suppliers besides their primary role as an electric pump manufacturer. This is their market approach. 

Customer orientation, commercial agreements acknowledgement, clear and transparent pricing policy – these are MAC3’s work aspects and they don’t compromise on them. It’s their core.

MAC3 is fully dedicated to supplement plumbing systems by producing effective and simple products and ensure that there’s nothing but quality products are what they manufacture, never mediocre. For their dependable work ethics, MAC3 is confident of being a manufacturing leader in the field of electronic and electromechanical materials for hydraulics. And they do it by correct and responsible management of water resources and important strategies. They are the partners for those who have to design and implement pressurization and liquid control systems.

MAC3 is committed to all its collaborators and partners. They are very strongly connected to economy development, work enhancement, transparency, environment protection and the social impact of their products.

HITEMA – the Specialist Manufacturer of Sustainable Solutions for Process Cooling and Industrial Comfort Applications


Established over 25 years ago, HITEMA gained the name of being a specialist in manufacturing solutions that are sustainable solutions for the cooling industry, specifically process cooling and industrial comfort applications. Providing supreme quality solutions is HITEMA’s best business practice and due to their dedication and stringent quality control and quality assurance, they carved a niche for themselves in the process cooling and industrial comfort sector. More than 25 years of being in business, HITEMA created a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for excellence, reliability and customer service. With high-quality solutions and even more dedication to the industry and customer gratification, HITEMA propels itself forward in the market. Since its inception, over 25 years ago, HITEMA has grown, selling worldwide and becoming a leading specialist in temperature equipment.

As a manufacturer specialising in sustainable solutions for process cooling and industrial comfort applications, HITEMA’s experience makes the company stand out. Always looking for ways to do business in ways that would satisfy customer needs and keeping up with technological developments, HITEMA takes pride in their reliability not to mention quality solutions track records. 

Ever since their inception over 25 years ago, HITEMA took upon itself to be quantified and qualified as one of the key players in temperature equipment manufacturing and has successfully garnered a global selling base and becoming an industry leader. Besides supplying their range of high-quality standard products, HITEMA also makes customised versions as per customers’ request.   

The Eurotec Ltd Refrigeration Business Unit market and support the HITEMA range of industrial chillers in the New Zealand market. And this role is something Eurotec takes a lot of pride and delight in since HITEMA is such a globally recognised company well renowned for its inroads in the process cooling and industrial comfort applications. The Eurotec Refrigeration teams are always on standby for anyone interested in HITEMA’s products are most welcome to get in touch with them.

Into the future, HITEMA aspires to grow further by continual adaptation, expansion, and evolution to not only meet customer requirements but to exceed expectations.

Dairy Cooling Solutions Milk Cooling System – a European Dairy Cooling System Producer with a Global Reach


Dairy Cooling Solutions is a division of Eurotec that provides milk cooling and milk freshness quality ensuring technology solutions. Their showcase of milk cooling panels and tanks are dedicated to producing only the freshest, cleanest and most hygienic milk for commercial consumption. This, in turn, translates to the best and successful milk production. Dairy Cooling Solutions understand that once milked, milk should undergo proper storage and rapid chilling in order to stay fresh until it gets to the consumer base. Dairy Cooling Solutions is dedicated to producing a range of cooling equipment that keeps milk in the ideal temperature drop and optimal storage conditions that are ready for collection. With the cutting-edge technology, the whole process of milk chilling can be monitored and traceability, documented - today’s milk buyers are particular about these details and Dairy Cooling Solutions strive to deliver nothing but the best in milk cooling and preserving innovation. 

The products are automatic milking systems or robotic farming systems compatible. Being water and energy efficient is part of DCS’ manufacturing practices. With Packo Ice Builders (PIBs) water and energy are saved, saving power – it’s also a life-saver, where drought-prone areas with restricted are enabled to benefit from the water-saving feature. Another feature is snap chilling which improves milk quality. With the right cooling system in place, dairy farms are able to increase their profit margin. 

To DCS’ credit, it is a division of Eurotec that’s been supplying New Zealand’s Refrigeration Sector – it’s the only supplier of the technology in New Zealand with nationwide branches. The company’s products, that are, the Ice Bank, Milk Tank, Tubular Cooler, and CPS are leading the dairy cooling technology and strives for not only business excellence but also customer satisfaction.

Dairy Cooling Solutions (DCS) have a global customer base and they’ve been delighting dairy farmers by their lineup of milk cooling equipment suited for a range of different needs and preferences. Cooling milk is no easy task as meticulous care needs to be taken as to not freeze the milk – DCS completely understands that and are extremely cautious in their trade.

Control Panel Solutions – this Eurotec Division is Trailblazing Milk Cooling and Ensuring Optimum Milk Quality


Established to supply modern and the latest in milk cooling solutions, Control Panel Solutions is a pioneer in its own right. The company, which is a division of Eurotec supports the Refrigeration Industry, particularly the milk dairy industry since 2008. With tight quality control and dedication to best manufacturing practices, Control Panel Solutions is leading as the manufacturer and supplier of Refrigerated Milk Vat control panels that mainly function to control the refrigeration system(s) – as a company, Control Panel Solutions provides products that encompass a myriad of commercial refrigeration applications.

Control Panel Solutions took upon itself to meet milk cooling technology challenges, increasing the efficiency and lock in the quality of the milk as fresh from the farm. With the Eurotec division milk cooling products in place, it greatly enhances the dairy sector in the way milk cooling is done. The systems involved in refrigeration milk vat control panels are pumps, CIP functions, Condensing Unit control panels for OEM’s, custom control panels for Refrigeration Racks, Chillers, and others. When it comes to industry-scale milk cooling, the Eurotec  division company is the undisputed expert trusted worldwide.

The Control Panel Solution division (CPS) was formed in 2012 and it went on to supply standard custom and OEM Control Panel Solutions to the Refrigeration, HVAC and Electrical markets. Control Panel Solutions have been instrumental in making milk cooling more efficient and have the touch of expert touch in its production, something the company is very proud of and aim to continue. 

For a dairy farm, the Control Panel Solutions company’s products are the best business investment primarily for the design and quality which are European. Control Panel Solutions is a global brand that meets dairy farmers’ needs worldwide. They are constantly innovating so that commercial milk cooling can get as effective as possible, harnessing cooling technology and milk quality is at optimal levels, ready to nourish the masses.

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) – A Global Leader among Gas Detection Systems Manufacturers


Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is a key player, that is, a renowned supplier and manufacturers of gas detection systems. Their products include self-contained systems, controllers and transmitters, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) portable instruments. They have product development going on continuously to stay ahead as the leading company in the gas detection system industry. Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) produces not only applications for commercial use but also for global institutional, municipal, and light industrial markets. The company specializes in areas include parking garages, refrigeration plants, commercial swimming pools, water purification, arenas, wineries and breweries, wastewater treatment, and many more. The gas detectors manufactured by Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc are useful to detect noxious gases which include Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Ammonia, Chlorine, Ozone, Combustible Gases like Methane and Propane, Oxygen, Refrigerants and more. 

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) was founded in 1995 and has since established itself as a reputed manufacturer of gas detection systems globally. When YES Environment Technologies Inc. was merged with Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI), in 2007, new doors opened to invest in product development, marketing, and service. YES, and CETCI products are sold through a network of authorized distributors around the world and one of the distributors is Eurotec.

Both CETCI and YES brand work together to give complete solutions for gas detection systems and their variants. The merger allows for more comprehensive gas detection systems operations and operates to fulfill different gas detection needs under one tenure. While CETCI provides ongoing monitoring for potential leaks, flexible field configurations, and robust functionality by permanent installation of stationary gas detectors and gas detection systems, YES brand IAQ monitors are designed to short or long term indoor air quality monitoring, including temperature and humidity measurements and data logging.

CETCI’s self-contained systems, controllers and transmitters (analog and digital) are installed in commercial HVAC, institutional, municipal and industrial markets around the world. Product development that is always ongoing ascertains that the equipment CETCI produces is abreast and leading in technology that’s also constantly and rapidly evolving.

For CETCI, commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental protection are critical and are among the reasons for their business’ inroads making. Armed with the mission of manufacturing high-quality gas detection systems and extend to their customers fully-functional and cost-effective products, their cognizant sales team is wholly dedicated to working with their clients to provide the right solutions for specific applications.

In the future, CETCI hopes to innovate and provide the most efficient gas detection systems for a myriad of industries and burgeon into one of the world’s most stellar companies in the gas detection systems sector.

Centec – the Unique and Undisputed Single Source for Bespoke Process Plants and High Precision Measurement Technology


Centec is a global company for customized process plants and high precision measurement technology from a single source which is one of a kind. Clientele that comes from all over the world is testimony for Centec’s expansive experience spanning 4 decades. As a company, Centec develops and manufactures units and sensors for liquid and gas processing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries. Centec sensors are applied in laboratory and process environments as “stand alone” devices or part of a process control system. The products prompt industrial processes run smoothly and quality is consistent with high standards. With their know-how, Centec is able to tackle and cater for complex requirements and provide the right solution. Centec’s capabilities are planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of turn-key plants. 

With production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic, Centec is certified according to ISO 9001. The quality of Centec’s products is outstanding and so is the price-performance ratio. The privately owned group of companies has subsidiaries scattered around the globe. With a network of highly skilled and dexterous sales and service partners, Centec has found a global footing and is always close to their customers.

Centec’s headquarters is in Frankfurt-Maintal, in close quarters with Frankfurt International Airport. Product engineering and development are done in Germany whereas the automation and assembly take place in Czech Republic. A vast part of Centec’s products is exported. 

Centec has been a reliable supplier and development partner of our customers in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries. The company is one of very few single-source suppliers of fully automated skid-mounted units and high precision measurement devices. With a completely unique product series, Centec goes the extra mile to manufacture customized processing plants in a bid to meet customers’ requirements.

With Centec sensor technology for process systems, the company is enabled to extend solutions of utmost precision and reliability and they aim to continue conquering business milestones.

CAREL, an Expert in Electronic Controllers and Remote Management Systems for Refrigeration Application Design and Manufacture for over 40 Years


CAREL is one of the world’s established leaders in the designing and manufacturing electronic controllers and remote management systems for refrigeration applications. The company has reached such a position due to their constant innovation and ever-incrementing product quality. In New Zealand, CAREL’s products are distributed by Eurotec and the latter is proud to be CAREL’s authorised distributor.

CAREL is an innovative consultant and technological partner, they work by being poised beside market requirements. Duly, they propose solutions that are energy sufficient to attain the pinnacle of performance. CAREL strives for constant improvement, always on the lookout to do business that’s abreast with technological advancements – the limits are truly unlimited with progressive technology as the order of the day. Achieving gold standards and subsequently getting into higher levels of standards are something CAREL espouses.

The backbone of CAREL is three elements – research, innovation, and technology. After being in business for over 40 years, the company has grasped the art of fulfilling customer needs and is the core of their design work and the branching elements of appearance and functions. CAREL’s strength sits in differing traits, its vision, encompassing experience and skills make them able to tackle boundaries head-on and surpass them. 

R&D is the pulse of CAREL and serious sales amount is reinvested in R&D.  This is to anticipate the needs of customers and preempt them with advanced solutions supply. This makes sure of constant growth and improvement. With 2 research laboratories in operation, one for thermodynamics and another on humidification, CAREL’s quest for excellence in the respective fields is punctuated.

Reliability is something CAREL considers as their responsibility towards their customers. The products they develop are in fact components that account for approximately 2 to 10% of the value of their customers' finished products, depending on the application. CAREL has seen organic growth since its establishment in the year 1973. They have certainly come a long way in all business and organisational structure terms. 

Values are the core of CAREL – in over 40 years of business, CAREL has grown leaps and bounds and the ways they work has progressed but their CAREL Code of Ethics remains the same both in practice and words.

BITZER – the Global Leader in Compressor Technology of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Application


With a strong Refrigeration Engineering competence, BITZER is a trailblazer in compressor technology in refrigeration and air conditioning application – the company has been around for 80 years and more. BITZER understands that for any refrigeration system to function optimally, the compressor needs to be sustainably working. They have dedicated their business into compressor technology with such fervour, customers are delighted by their stellar services. BITZER is a technology leader not just in compressors but also in engineered refrigeration packages, pressure vessels and air conditioning solutions within the Land Down Under and the Kiwi land.

As part of their business, New Zealand had an addition of the BITZER Green Point concept that’s built around the incrementing role of both services and after-sales in the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Process business sectors were recognised. Eurotec Ltd is the sole authorized Greenpoint Partner for BITZER in New Zealand. Eurotec takes great pride in providing engineering services, commissioning and assisting customers with on-site start-up services by being BITZER’s distributor.

The name BITZER means a worldwide leader in compressor technology and for over 8 decades, the company had toiled and maintained gold-standards along with pertinent innovation, work methodology, and innovation to grow to this position and clinch the top spot in the compressor technology sector.

BUFFALO TRIDENT is BITZER’s dedicated heat exchange business and is seasoned in designing both off-the-shelf and completely custom made heat exchange solutions. Looking back to where BITZER started, particularly in Australia, back in the 1960s, it was small-scale where the company reached the sale of its first compressor rack in 1987. Soon, BITZER gained a firm footing in custom made and engineered compressor systems. Expansion happened organically over the years and BITZER’s manufacturing capabilities began to include a range of refrigeration and HVAC&R equipment with BITZER compressors at the heart of each product. 

With a dedicated workforce and an environmental friendly-centric technology, BITZER is only going to conquer more milestones to come and render impeccable products and satisfaction guaranteed services.

BENNING, World Class Power Solutions – a Market Leader in Testing, Measuring and Safety Instruments


BENNING manufactures testing, measuring and safety instruments for industry, handcraft and service. By a consistent track record of excellent workmanship, BENNING has developed a reputation as a real market leader arising from up-to-date developments. The company works to meet the demand to test and certify each product. This is done via independent VDE testing institute according to valid standards. BENNING’s products are the perfect solutions for all the Digital Multimeter and Digital Clamp Meter range. The company, which was founded in 1938 has come a long way and is instrumental in the developments of testing, measuring and safety instruments.

Digital-Multimeter and Digital Clamp Meter instruments are produced with conventional, average-forming measuring method (RMS) as well as with true RMS measuring method to the highest over-voltage category CAT IV. Voltage, Continuity and Phase sequence tester The DUSPOL® and DUTEST® range for voltage, phase, polarity, phase sequence, continuity and semiconductor testing, meet the demands of professional users by BENNING. Only the highest manufacturing standards are applied by BENNING in production. There is no compromise in quality, only commitment.

The insulation and resistance tester BENNING IT101 is used for safety testing in electrical distribution systems, devices and machines in accordance with the European standard EN 61557-1-2 and 4 (DIN VDE 0413 part 1, 2 and 4). With the portable appliance tester BENNING 750 periodic testing in accordance with DIN VDE 0701/0702 and BGV A3 (VBG 4) can be carried out in a safe and time-saving way. This is in line with BENNING incorporating efficiency in their products.

BENNING started as a workshop specialized in repair of electrical machines and systems in 1938. Today, the humble workshop is a global giant – it’s one of Europe’s leading service centers for various kinds of electrical machines. BENNING’s ongoing innovation incorporates sustainability, safety and efficiency at every stage and level. The company designs products for the future and quality and reliability are at the heart of their manufacturing standards.

Belimo, a Eurotec Division that Provides High Quality and Reliable Solutions Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning


A division of Eurotes, Belimo has been around since 1975. The company designs, manufactures and markets electric actuators for motorized control devices in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems. Belimo innovates to produce gold-standard technology that provides solutions for a range of HVAC control devices. Belimo’s Valves and Actuators are distributed by Eurotec in the New Zealand HVAC market – the company ascertains glitches – free operations in HVAC control devices by their comprehensive valving solutions. 

Belimo develops, produces and markets actuator solutions used to control heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. The company, which is a global market leader in the actuator, control valves, and sensors, has all of that as the core of their business and they keep innovating to stay competitive and relevant.

As a company, Belimo has taken to itself to be sensitive, receptive and fulfilling of the needs of the HVAC industry. The damper, actuators, control valves and sensors developed by Belimo are enabled to tackle energy conservation challenges head-on. Belimo also offers a complete range of On/Off & Modulating Actuators for dampers & valving applications. Actuator solutions include spring return and smoke-stop versions. They also ensure that their products lock in comfort, have a flawless performance and are able to earn the trust and confidence of the customers. The actuators, valves and everything else are manufactured by Belimo to have a long, productive life. Quality is highly emphasised on, from design to delivery phase - there are many hands involved with a single motive, that is complete satisfaction for their clientele.

Due to their strive to be excellent in the HVAC market, the due application of ingenuity and workmanship as well as never resting on their laurels, Belimo has become one of the key market leaders. The Eurotec division is completely intent to give their customers great value and they do it by giving an impressive performance in each step of production, service providence and delivery.

Airedale Applied Thermal Innovation – NZ’s Number One Provider of Cooling Solutions with a Commitment to Environmental Responsibility


Having been in the business of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions and at the forefront of controls software design and optimisation, for 40 years, Airedale Air Conditioning is a trailblazing company in Britain. Besides providing highly efficient cooling solutions, Airedale Applied Thermal Innovation has the acquired expertise in integrating products to reduce total cost of ownership. With Eurotec, Airedale plays its role in helping customers choose tailored specifications that make them get the most from the chosen cooling system – the provided support to the management of the application of the cooling systems to deliver maximum performance. Airedale’s products and services are fundamentally “Engineered to Perform.”

For Airedale, quality and innovation are paramount and are fully applied in every stage of design, production and after-sale support – it’s all about guaranteeing system performance without overlooking any glitches and brisk rectification if system hiccups incur. With highly customised solutions, Airedale leads the way by offering flexible solutions for customers – this is also done by the conflation and application of industry best practice and a holistic and forward-thinking approach. 

 It’s all about the design as far as Airedale is concerned – they believe that the quality of manufacturing and product innovation hinge on remarkable design. And, this is applied in training courses and technology employed to develop air conditioning systems. Airedale is primarily driven by innovation and be the industry’s first and meeting exactly what its customers require. With world-class facilities and the maximising the potential of their supplier’s products, Airedale is able to provide cooling solutions to their customers at the highest levels. For Airedale, their commitment to improvement in a continuum, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Manufacturing, Root cause problem solving and Six Sigma is the secret for their success – the scheme involves everyone in the company that works as a seamlessly functioning unit.

Environmental responsibility is something Airedale takes seriously – they are aware that many refrigerants are greenhouse gases that, if released into the atmosphere, contribute towards global warming.   The European F-Gas directive was adopted by the European Union to phase-down the usage of refrigerants which have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP). That is something the company adheres to completely, taking a proactive stance. Airedale has dedicated its R&D resource in huge proportions to replace refrigerant gases with more suitable ones that are good for the planet.

With efficient, lean production techniques, minimal wastage and continual spur to improve the air conditioning products, Airedale is poised to conquer more business mileage.


Innotech Control System – a Eurotec Division Company that is a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry Expert


Innotech Control Systems was founded in 1984. The 35 years-old company is a Eurotec division that designs, manufactures and services Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Environmental Control, and Building Automation/Management Systems (BAS/BEMS/BMS). In their operations spanning 35 years, Innotech had won awards for their inventory of superior quality products.

Eurotec Ltd supports Innotech in marketing the former’s products in New Zealand and takes pride in it due to Innotech’s proven track record in offering truly flexible applications for control and monitoring systems. The Brisbane, Australia based company foster friendly and practical working environs that come as advice from their team of seasoned professionals. Innotech is supported by a network of local and international distributors – this is because the company’s range of products and services are sought after. This speaks of their cardinal product and service dispensing practices.

The X Factor in Innotech’s products is the main reason why clients return and become regular customers. The wide range, versatility, reliability, compliance, and value play their distinct roles in appealing to a returning and burgeoning clientele seeking HVAC solutions. Innotech adheres to a proactive approach in their business practice – continual R&D, supreme product quality and customer-centric ethos all combine to propel Innotech forward in the HVAC sector. 

Innotech is especially and fiercely committed to client gratification – their staff is trained to accommodate their customer base’s requirements and exceed expectations. The company understands that a loyal clientele is the pulse of their business and they function keeping it underpinned when they are dealing with each and every customer of theirs.

The journey of Innotech started by a single man’s frustration with the quality of air conditioning control systems in a workshop 35 years ago. Steve Miranda was that man and he saw a business opportunity and he developed his literal backyard business into a consolidated HVAC business empire. With progressive products, solutions, and service, Innotech will continue to diversify its range of high-quality products, expanding export opportunities and retain them along with growing their customer base and distributors.