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Breaking Ground in Corporate Concept Art


It started with a phone call. I went from being a desiger illustrator to a corporate artist with the words, "Yes I can do that". McKinsey Company had asked me to help them design, illustrate or build conceptal drawings/models of whatever a team came up with within minutes. It didn't matter what they wanted dsigned, I had to conceptualise it...and that was with Fonterra. It started me on a career I love.


How UI Artists help IT sales


As a UI Concept Artist/Contractor, I've seen it many times - often to late. A technology client is trying to communicate a solution/system/application that can help an organisation, but the organisation never commits to the sale. Why, Oh WHY our proposal and service was perfect??? So, was it just the money, or didn't ALL of your audience connect with the solution?

So how can we make our audience get excited about our solution?

What I've seen a lot of is the RFP/technical documents being presented that don't show something tangible, so therefore, a portion the clients/audience don't truely understand whats being offered. Many IT documents are designed solely for technical staff, but the flaw is that is the document doesn't consider other stakeholders who might not be as technically minded, yet hold a major part in the decision making. Therefore the content of the RPF might have worked for your client contact person, but not he rest of the business audience...and I know the amount of hard work that can go into these documents.

In contrast to the above, I've seen UI art fast track sales, get customers excited. Start their creative input and even commit to projects before a technical document has been finished.

We all connect with 'visuals'. We think visually and with emotions (not in words), so UI art helps people connect visually and emotionally (i.e if the visuals are stunning, modern and exciting) they'll emotionally (excitedly) connect with it.

UI art are visual concepts of User Interfaces before the UX/UI design process. The concepts help customers understand visually what the interface might look like, but the artist might also design an overview of 'the system' that non-technical staff can relate too. The UI concepts help secure sales. They provide the clarity, start discussions, offer tangibility to a product that is yet to be developed. It also helps a health discussion internally around development, and what the design might look like from a 'unrestricted' point of view, rather than designing from limited possibilities.

UI art is a specialised field. A background in design is one key element (and I've seen a lot of UI art that look great but wouldn't functionally work), major practical design skills, business skills, BPM (business process management) and UI design experience across multiple business sectors is required to make a great UI artist.

Once the customer is committed and engaged, UX design refines the process and a UI designer/technician can make the design a reality. But the UX/UI designers will never get the work if the customer doesn't commit, which is where UI artist get the ball rolling. Get your customers excited about your IT projects by using an UI artist.

If you've got any questions or if I can help, just message me.

Kind regards,

Dave Leigh, Designer illustrator Director, Emphasise Ltd


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UI Artist Contractor


I help companies start their sales process by designing UI concepts to help them show the possibilities of what can be done. It helps clarify, provide tangiblity to a solution and speeds up the sales cycle.