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Crave’s cool Toy Box


Stop. Close your eyes for a minute. Think back, way back, to when you were a kid. Now think about your favourite toy, or a toy that was important to you. Was it a toy that belonged to your older sibling? Or maybe one that was your dad’s from when he was a kid? Or was it that one in the window of the toy store you used to walk past on your way to school? The one you started the paper run for – you were almost shaking when you finally took it out of its box.

Now tell us you’re not smiling (we don’t believe you)!

We all have that one toy. The toy that transports us to some of the happiest moments of our lives. We took care of these toys. Or we tried to, until our imagination got carried away and we found ourselves ramming Conan the Conqueror into Barbie’s convertible Jeep – we had to save Snoopy, after all.

This is the reason Paulus Maringka began collecting toys. Not because he had savings from his paper run. Or because he needed to save Snoopy (who is safely resting on top of his kennel, we assure you). But for the memories. The nostalgia. The joy. The emotions and memories these toys evoke.

That’s also why we thought it would be pretty cool to have a room full of toys at Crave. A heck of a lot of smiles come out of that room. Let us explain.

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