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Why designers should care about the responsive web design


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Web Design Basics:

Are you a designer? You probably have heard a term called responsive or adaptive web design. What are the responsive/adaptive designs? Why do you need to care about it?

Well, we are living in the 21st century, a mobile-first world. Mobile devices are responsible for over 30% of internet traffic worldwide.

As the mobile devices becoming feature rich and affordable, and the internet connection is getting cheaper, the mobile internet consumer ratio will grow.

Additionally, there are now a huge number of screen sizes in the world, unlike the past where 1024x768 and 1366x768 considered to be the most used screen sizes!

Meaning the way we were designing the websites targeting the 1024x768 screen size as our primary target is no longer valid! We need to care about all the screen sizes right from 32" monitors to 4" mobile device.

How come you create a design that looks and experience uniform across the screen sizes? Maybe media query is the answer? Yes, for sure, but do you know the pain of writing media query based styling for your web design project?

What's the catch? Well, if you really want to create a design that really looks and experience uniform across the screen sizes. A design that has no horizontal scroll no matter what screen size you way look it in, then the Bootstrap framework is the answer.

Why Bootstrap?

Because the framework is very well tested. It works across the screen sizes, works the same across the browsers, and it simplifies the process of creating a responsive web design.

Bootstrap has an excellent styling architecture. It divides an entire page into 12 column grids. You need to care about the width of each grid in terms of its column spanning.

It simplifies creating a website design for various screen size. The smallest screen size is known as the xs, the small screen size is known as the sm, the medium screen size is known as the md, and large screen size is known as the lg.

For instance, if you want an element to span half the page for medium length devices, using the col-md-6 would help you create the desired element.

Are you a designer?

Are you a graphic designer? Are you capable of creating a killer web design prototype on the Photoshop and Illustrator? Do you find it creating the web design of your prototype hard? Bootstrap may help.

If you study the latest website template architecture, a majority of them over 70% of them uses the Bootstrap as theirs base CSS framework. This might be the right time investing your time learning Bootstrap framework.

If you are a hardcore graphic designer and looking for a professional PSD to Bootstrap conversion service, consider my responsive HTML conversion service. We are a team of excellent and experienced web designers working on innovative web designing over half decade.

Our service may help you fill the bridge until you find yourself confident enough creating and converting the prototype into responsive website design.